Nicole Miller 
Pilates & Athletic Conditioning

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In warm weather we are at the 
2nd Pavilion St C Beach or Pier Pavilion
or Studio if inclement weather

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  Certified and Insured Instructor

Mindful Movement:  Both STOTT PILATES® & JOGA® are disciplines that combine current science with the
biomechanics of movement.  JOGA
® movements emulate sport, creating muscle memory patterns and utilizing the benefits of varying breathing techniques to help calm and control the mind and body.  Pilates corrects our postural tendencies by strengthening the stabilizing muscle groups in our bodies and builds strength from the inside out.  Each disciplines develops both power and endurance. 

Certified instructors allow for both safety and confidence in a client's workout:   As a STOTT PILATES® Certification Instructor I have continued my studies in both rehabilitation and fitness.  My training is current and forever evolving.  I have completed training which has allowed me to offer specific instruction for those that require additional attention in their workouts.  Clients with back injuries, rotator cuff, running injures or more can safely continue with a Pilates program (medical professional must deem it appropriate).

The continued education that I am required to maintain for certification, and my varsity and provincial sport training allows me to offer programming that clients are both excited and challenged by.  

Current certification & training:

JOGA®Coach, STOTT PILATES® Certification in Essential & Intermediate Matwork and Reformer.  

STOTT PILATES® Injuries and Special Population®, Jumpboard®, CORE® Zenga® (Yoga/Pilates infusion), Athletic Conditioning, Pelvic Instability, BackCare, Tom Myers Anatomy Trains in Training (The Fascia/Pilates Connection), Group Fitness Certification, Aquatic Group Fitness Instructor, Back Connection YMCA.